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SHAREit: Everything You Want to Know about SHAREit, Even if you have never used SHAREit, you must have heard of it. It is a file-sharing app for smartphones. It also has its desktop version. Let’s get into some details about this popular app.


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What is SHAREit?

SHAREit Download Latest Version
SHAREit Download Latest Version

Shareit Information Technology Co., Limited founded in April 2015. There is a relatively new global technology company that enables users to transfer various types of files from one device to another.

The data transferred over the SHAREit platform secured with a binding connection protocol. The app does what you can do using Bluetooth or NFC, but faster. SHAREit also works more quickly for data transfer between PCs, compared to USB drive transfer.

Based on the Wi-Fi Direct method, SHAREit Download was developed to be a more secure and much faster alternative to USB and Bluetooth transfers.

SHAREit File Info

App Name SHAREit
File Type APK
Version 4.0.6
Size 14.5MB
Language English
Supported Devices Android 4.0+
Last Updated on July 13

File type support

SHARE it supports all kinds of file transfers, including MP3, MP4, GIF, DOC, PDF, and AVI. Share music files, video files, image files, contacts, apps, and file folders from one device to another using SHAREit.

You can send multiple files at a time to various devices. You can share files as small as 1MB to as large as 10GB over SHAREit. Languages supported, SHAREit is available in 45 words and over 200 countries worldwide.

The most commonly used languages are:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Chinese
  • Indonesian
  • Russian
  • Hindi
  • Arabic

Compatible devices

  • SHAREit is available for Windows PC, Windows Phone, Android, macOS, and iOS.

Similar apps

  • CLONEit, LISTENit, LOCKit, clean it. All these apps belong to the same owners.


SHAREit transfer files
SHAREit transfer files
  • Various apps offer the same services. It is a market of high competition.
  • So, how do you choose which app to go? Going for the highest-rated and most popular app is one way.
  • Popular apps become popular because they offer excellent service and features.
  • However, you should not download an app-only because it is the most popular. You should find out for yourself, what features SHAREit has to offer that makes the app what it is.
  • Speed: It is the fastest cross-platform data sharing app. It is 200 times as fast as Bluetooth sharing. It can transfer files at 20MBps.
  • Range of file types: You can share any and every kind of file over SHAREit, irrespective of the size or number of files you share at a time.
  • You can also check the size of data received and sent.
  • Range of platform compatibility: SHAREit is available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.
  • It has both PC versions and smartphone versions. The APK version is the most popular of all.


  • Free videos: SHAREit offers HD videos to watch. You can download them for offline viewing.
  • The list keeps getting updated so that you can always find something new to watch.
  • Free music: SHAREit offers millions of songs in high quality. It curates a playlist according to your taste for easy access to your kind of music.
  • The list is continuously updated so that you can find trending music whenever you want.
  • Dedicated Music and Video Player: The SHARE it music and video players support a range of file formats to ensure that the user can readily play whatever audio or video file they transferred to their device.
  • The music player comes with a powerful equalizer. The video player supports HD quality.
    Wallpapers and more: SHARE it has a range of GIFs, stickers, and wallpapers to make your SHAREit experience fun and colorful. You can personalize your profile with these fun features.
  • Security: SHARE it has its secure connection protocol to ensure that all files shared across the app are safe and inaccessible to third-party apps.
  • The app provides a virus-free transfer every time you send or receive any file or folder over the SHARE it platform.
  • Free: The most exciting feature is that the app is free of cost.
  • It does come with ads, but they placed in a manner that does not disrupt your file transfers or other activity on the app.
  • The entire range of features is available at no cost.
  • The SHARE it user experience is of premium quality, but it is still all free.

How to Download & Install SHAREit on Android?

SHAREit Downloading is a straightforward app for Android. Anybody who knows the bare minimum about how to handle smartphones and access the Play Store icon, can download and install SHARE it. Let us walk you through the steps anyway.

  • Make sure your device has at least 10% charge on the battery so that the application can installed without hindrance.
  • If your device has uninterrupted internet access over mobile data or Wi-Fi.
  • Check it has at least 30MB storage free for the app.
  • Go to the Google “Play Store” app.
  • Click on the Search Bar.
  • Start typing “shareit.” The search is not case sensitive, so you only need to spell it correctly.
  • The app is so popular that on most devices, it will display in the suggested options by the time you have typed “she.”
  • Click on the “SHARE it – Transfer & Share” option with the blue and white logo.
  • Click the green “INSTALL” button and wait for the installation to complete in the foreground or the background while you visit other pages and apps.
  • Once installed, open the app. It will walk you through the login procedure. Just follow the steps.
  • You can also download Shareit for Pc, Check our latest articles in order to download Shareit for Pc.


Here are some frequently asked questions about the SHAREit APK that will help viewers and potential users to get a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of the app.

Is SHARE it useful?

  • SHAREit is very useful for those who want to transfer files in a jiffy with minimum data spent.
  • Bluetooth and USB are so yesterday.

Can I transfer images and videos simultaneously?

  • Yes, you can transfer multiple files at once.
  • The data can be of any type and have any extension.
  • You do not have to send only one kind of data at a time.
  • You can send the image, video, audio, and any other type of files simultaneously.

Can I transfer files from Android to iOS via SHAREit?

  • SHAREit is available across all major operating systems.
  • You can use SHAREit across different operating systems. You aren’t limited to sharing files only to Android devices if your device is Android.
  • Hence, yes, you can share data from Android to iOS and vice versa, with SHAREit.

Can I share data to more than one device simultaneously with SHAREit?

  • You can send files to multiple devices simultaneously via SHAREit.
  • If you cannot find the accessories you want to transfer data to, make sure the machines have the Hotspot.
  • You should be able to connect with all the devices in the vicinity.

Is SHARE it available on BlackBerry?

  • Yes, SHARE it is available on BlackBerry.
  • The app is available on all smartphones and across all major operating systems.
  • If you cannot use the app on your device, update it to ensure you have the latest version.

Can I share contacts using SHAREit?

  • You can share every kind of file through SHAREit, including contacts.
  • You don’t have to access Messenger apps to transfer contacts to nearby devices if you have SHAREit.

Can I use SHAREit offline?

  • Yes, you can transfer files and access other SHARE it features when offline.
  • Hence, no mobile data or external Hotspot is required to share files over the SHARE it app.
  • However, sometimes if you cannot find all the devices you want to access, you might need the tools to be online.

How does SHARE it affect the performance of my Smartphone?

  • SHARE it has a very smooth user interface.
  • It does not take much space to be stored in your mobile
  • Neither does it occupy a lot of the phone memory while it is active.
  • SHARE it only speeds up the data transfer procedure without affecting the speed and performance of your phone.


SHARE it is a very convenient file sharing app. It has changed the entire data transfer scenario ever since its stable release back in 2015. In less than five years, the app has become the best alternative to Bluetooth or USB transfers. Try the app and give your reviews.