Download SHAREit Android Latest Version v4.0.6


Download SHAREit Android: Are you looking forward to managing you are videos and file transfers better? Download SHAREit for Android and ensure quick file transfers with high-quality features, security, and workability. The software has identified as one of the best applications by Facebook. 

The cross-platform file sharing application comes with multi-platform support. Although the Android users first prefer it, overall, it has 1 billion users belonging to different categories. The most trusted file transfer application is famous at the global level. One can use it as an option for cloud storage and accessing external media.

Download SHAREit Android

Download SHAREit Android
Download SHAREit Android

Earlier, Bluetooth file transfer was the only method to move a file from one device to another. However, it has always been a slow Technology because the speed of data transfer was never so good. Transferring movies and videos took hours. Thanks to the latest Wi-Fi direct technology in SHAREit that comes with quick file transfer. 

You can move files from one device to another at almost 20 MB per second. Another noteworthy feature of SHAREit includes transferring multiple data at the same time. For instance, you can share videos, images, songs, and contacts altogether and check their progression on screen as well.

File transfers are done regularly by us for some of the other reasons. SHAREit is the multifunctional platform that makes it easy to move files from one resource to another without loss of information or quality. Download SHAREit Android The high-quality Application doesn’t need you to activate Data connection or manage any extra thing at all. You will always feel happy while using the Application that has exceptional speed and fastest workability in the world.

If you get into the details of the Application, it also has certain features that made for entertaining the customers. Over 1 billion customers are using SHAREit, not only for file transfers but also for accessing more media that is available for free in it.

The trusted Application has always been the best option for solving the problem of data transfer. If you have devices that consume a lot of time to share files and you are unable to maintain any privacy while doing the assignment, ask SHAREit APK to help you up and make your transfers up to 200 times faster.

The group sharing feature, as well as the flexible workability of SHAREit provides the solution for all the data transfer requirements. You don’t have to install a separate video player or image supporting tool. SHAREit Apk adequately supports almost any file format.

File Info

Download SHAREit

Version: 4.0.6

MB: 14.5MB


  • The group share is something that you get only in the Download SHAREit Android Application and not in any other Bluetooth file transfer. 
  • The Application not only allows you to share multiple files to a single device but also helps you to move a single file to multiple devices. 
  • So, in other words, SHAREit wins the favor in every aspect. It has got as many features as the users can expect from it. 
  • If we have a look at the practical workability of share it Android, it almost takes 27 seconds to do a file transfer of 270 MB.
  • That is the most impressive fact about the Application.
  • You can save a lot on your mobile data because the requirement of downloading files using internet connectivity gets eliminated.
  • As long as your friends have a particular file, connect share it from them, and do the transfer.
  • There is no loss of quality in The shared pictures or videos.
  • All the file formats and videos are supported by the fantastic tool that has got excellent workability and user support.
  • SHAREit allows you to connect your computer with your mobile phone so that you can also initiate transfers of Android games for PPT files from one device to another.
  • The share zone feature allows you to customize file transfers.
  • For instance, you will be able to share files with all your friends only to a certain extent.
  • You can restrict the transferring of individual data by making the appropriate settings.
  • The clone feature is yet another remarkable part about SHAREit Android APK.
  • If you have just got a new device that needs to have all the information from your previous device, clone it would do it without any effort.

How to Download SHAREit Android?

Download SHAREit Android ScreenShots
Download SHAREit Android ScreenShots
  • To download SHAREit on your android mobile.
  • Click the above-located download button.
  • Once you have successfully downloaded APK file, go to settings, and enable unknown resources.
  • The app will now install on your device within 2 seconds.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions step-by-step process and connect both devices and start sharing files.

Pros and cons about the Application

  • You don’t have to think about the file size while doing the transfer.
  • Support for all the operating systems.
  • Fastest file transfer rate. 
  • There are no cons about SHAREit but only the positive impacts of it.

How to fix issues in SHAREit APK?

The Application works excellently. Sometimes it might come up with specific small issues that are easy to sort out. We have shared those solutions right here –

  • Make sure that you place your devices near to each other.
  • If SHAREit fails to connect your mobile phone with PC or Tablet, a better idea would be to try it once again by disconnecting the hotspot connection altogether.
  • The file-sharing transfer must come up with the updated Application for smooth workability.
  • Make sure that your hotspot connection in the visible mode Else It will be difficult for the other device to detect it.
  • Make sure that you are using the proper version of Android else the Application is not going to get supported.

SHAREit Android Alternatives

You don’t have to look up for SHAREit alternatives in the ordinary course of life. However, if you cannot find it easy to do the file transfer using the standalone application, you can choose apps like a Droid, file Pizza, send anywhere and SuperBeam. These are a specific alternative for SHAREit that have equally good features.

Final words

Shareit APK has always been the safest tool for filling transfers. It will forever remain to work without any errors and issues with the constant updates taking place. It has never imposed any security issues to the worldwide users so far.

Neither because of data leakage or because of data consumption. With the trust of 1.5 billion users, SHAREit continues to remain the best Application for peer to peer transfers.


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