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Download SHAREit PC: The shareit for PC version supports Windows Vista, XP, 8.1 and 10 so that you can receive files from one device to another at almost 200 times faster. The high-quality data exchange application is the first choice of 500 million users.

It has changed the way you share files and manage your data. Without any consumption of time or mobile internet, it works to give you the fastest transfers that are free of cost and reliable.

SHAREit for PC helps you to transfer different file formats while maintaining the overall quality and original. Install shareit for PC and explore the extraordinary features it has.

As soon as you install the application on your PC, you are free to exchange files between your PC and other devices. Shareit for Windows ensures that your content is sent and received at a lightning-fast speed.

It is easy to transfer data from one PC to another in a fraction of a second. The network charges or USB drive, you don’t have to look after anything once you have the stand-alone multifaceted application.

Download SHAREit PC

Download SHAREit PC
Download SHAREit PC

SHAREit 2019 latest version ensures wireless transfer so that you can manage essential files in just a few seconds. Shareit for PC adds a layer of security and privacy. you can manage file transfers from Windows, iPhone, Mac, or Android device using the power of Wi-Fi direct.

No data loss with shareit for PC You can take a backup of all your data while transferring files from phone to PC. The one-tap data backup function shall safeguard your data so that you don’t have to delete items while you add them in the storage of your PC. Since your PC always has more space than your smartphone, it is still easy to add pictures, videos, and files in it.

Remote view Another essential tool for data transfer is a remote view that lets you manage files and folders on your phone. Locate the exact file all documents in your smartphone from SHAREit 2019 version and view it right away.

PowerPoint feature You don’t have to manage a separate click for a mouse while presenting a presentation. You can control your slides in the conference room while walking around very casually and comfortably.

Shareit has much more to it than you can imagine. It acts as an excellent platform for family reunion, friends, and gathering. It can easily send content without needing to connect your data using a cable or wired connection. At any time, shareit allows you to transfer files back and forth.

Shareit is an excellent tool for ensuring peace of mind while the data transfer takes place. Usually, there is a huge possibility of data leakage and quality loss while transferring files from one device to another.

However, shareit provides a much more convenient option to all the users by enabling cross-platform transfers, iOS, BlackBerry, Android, or any other operating system easily supported by the fantastic application that has endless capacity and workability.

Without needing a bit of your Internet data, shareit quickly transfers files from one device to another. The minimum requirement for having shareit for PC includes 512 MB Ram. 50 MB free space. Intel Pentium processor or faster version.

Download SHAREit


  • The complete file transfer takes place without compromising the file quality and at high speed.
  • The built-in video and music player of the application ensures you can enjoy music both online and offline.
  • It simultaneously keeps track of trending videos to keep the users updated.
  • There are multiple file supports for shareit. Using the application, you can go for group messaging and contact the nearby friends.
  • The exemplary features of shareit ensure that you download and use it thoroughly.

How to Install & Download SHAREit PC?

SHAREit Click Connect to PC
SHAREit Click Connect to PC
  • Install the .exe file and run it in your PC.
  • Identify the downloaded file in your PC before running it.
  • Generate an account and start sharing the file using shareit.
  • Download SHAREit APK file from our website.
  • Get the enter button, and you will get the link for the latest as well as the old version of shareit.
  • Get it installed.
  • Quick and real-time sharing between devices ensures that you can conveniently transfer files from one device to another.
  • Shareit for Windows 10 doesn’t require any free Wi-Fi data point it comes with the ability to control your PC to view files available in different devices.

Download shareit 2019 for transferring files on Windows 7, 8, 9 and 10

  • Visit the official website of shareit, and you will find the free download tab available on the same page.
  • Choose the option download for Windows, and once you are done with the installation, you will be able to use shareit for PC right away.

How To Download SHARE it For Laptop?

SHAREit Setup for Laptops
SHAREit Setup for Laptops
  • Downloading shareit for desktop PC or laptop is very simple and easy. Here is the Android Emulator method for the same minus
  • Visit the official website of shareit. Lenovo.Com
  • Choose the free download tablet and hit download for Windows for availing the. Exe file.
  • As soon as you download shareit for PC, choose to agree with the Lenovo licensing agreement.
  • Eventually, you will find the shareit application installed in your laptop with the whole lot of benefit it carries.

Final words

Shareit 2.0, 4.0 and 4.5 can be downloaded from the link given below. You can avail some of the fantastic features that include sharing work from your school or workplace in between two devices conveniently.

File transfer method using shareit requires to connect your Android phone aur Apple device to the PC. It only takes a couple of minutes for transferring data, and there are no restrictions at all.


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